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sherlockbigbang's Journal

the game is on!
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welcome to the
Sherlock BBC Big Bang

This is a community for the Sherlock Big Bang challenge. Check out the community and join if you're interested.

A Big Bang challenge is a collaboration between an author and artist to work on a fic of a certain length (in this case 10,000/15,000+ words). The author writes the fic over a period of a few moneths and then the artist will claim a fic of their choice and create a minimum of one piece of art for it. (all art is accepted, from banners, fanmixes and fan videos to photoshop collages and paintings.) Everything is then posted to the challenge together for everyone to read, see and enjoy.

Any pairing is accepted and all fic types are welcome :)

Your mods for this challenge are thisissirius and seektheinfinite and a8c_sock</br>


- Minimum word count for fics is 10,000/15,000 words.
- Feel free to sign up as artist and author
- Warnings must be included in your fic
- No posting of either art or fic anywhere before your assigned date
- Artist must submit one art piece minimum for the fic they claim.
- No bashing of other peoples pairings/likes - let's keep this a friendly zone


Please note our revised schedule for the 2012 Big Bang!

17th September - mandatory writer check-in
4th October - rough drafts & summaries due
7th October - summaries posted to allow artists to select from
10th November - mandatory artist check in
4th December - final drafts due
6th December - posting begins.

Quick Links

prompt post
author sign-ups
artist sign-ups
beta sign-ups


sherlockland; a place for FUN TIMES whilst you're slaving away over your big bang!

if you would like to affiliate with sherlockbigbang then please leave a comment in the welcome post or email us at sherlockbigbang@gmail.com

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